More free features

13 Jun 2024
We have more new features just for you. Free.

Our first new feature is Payslip Messages which you can find under Settings and then Payslip Message. This is a universal message feature that will print at the bottom of all payslips for the selected company.

Our second major new feature is Employee Reviews. You can easily create new review templates under Settings; one default was already added for you. You can create an employee review with a few simple clicks from Services and then Reviews; and invite multiple other employees to do the review. Those with email addresses saved in their employee profile will get an email, if no email is on the system, you can quickly share it with the WhatsApp share button or copy the link with the copy button.
Keeping track of employee reviews is important for your business to grow. All the employee reviews are also listed in the employee profile under the HR section.
We hope you enjoy these new features!
Your feedback is always appreciated!